Molecular formula: C8F17SO2F
Structure formula: CF3CFCF2 CFCF2 CF2 CF2 CF2SO2F
Character of physical and chemistry: 
Appearance: colorless and slightly yellow liquid
Water-fast, but it can reacted to buck and be form with full fluorine sulphur acid salt (such as: salt kalium), also can reacted to water acid and compose of full fluorine sulphur acid.
Boiling point(b.p): 54.5℃/40mmHg
Freezing point (m.p): 6
Rate of refractive light: 1.2993
Proportion (D): 1.874g/ml
Manner of production: electrochemistry 
Main purpose: reaction groups (-SO2F),be mostly suitable for making up different of surface activity with fluorine, or make up spinning ,leather ,paper making ,mill run , pesticide, electroplate, fire control, anti-static, etc. and link to special anabolism. It is main material and intermediate for making up fluorine.
Enterprise production standard(interim execution): 
Appearance: colorless of slightly yellow liquid
Proportion: 1.85-1.90
Boiling point: 120-125℃/10mmHg
Content: ≥90%(chromatogram separate specimen)
Rate of refractive light: 1.300-1.304
Packing style: 200g/bottle,500 g/bottle,1000 g/bottle,5000 g/bottle ,etc.
According to purpose, it can supply package of PE, PP as well as special packing .

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